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About Us

Tringham Pre-School
Mission Statement

At Tringham Pre-school we provide a professional, inclusive, safe and stimulating environment where the children shine. By respecting the children as individuals and working closely with families we empower the children to be ready for their transition into school. 

Why Tringham?

Choosing a Pre-School for your child is such an important decision and by selecting Tringham Pre-School, you can be confident that they will be provided with a safe and stimulating environment in which to blossom.

We follow the EYFS and the best of traditional standards and provide warm and welcoming environments in which children are nurtured, motivated and eager to learn.

A great start in life

Children are helped to develop self confidence and independence in a stepping stone setting to the more structured environment of school. We emphasise the development of language, good manners and social skills. There are strong links with Holy Trinity School.

Giving your child the time they need

We have a friendly and caring team of professional staff at Tringham and our high ratios of staff to children ensure your child is well cared for. Each child has their own key person who monitors their progress and plans next steps to move them forward. Relationships between parents and staff are strong throughout the year.

Ofsted Report

We were awarded an 'Outstanding' in our most recent Ofsted Report. To view the document, please click below.



Increase to 30 hours free childcare


We offer FEET funding for 2 year olds, 15 hours universal funding and 30 hours extended funding to support working parents. For further details on the Childcare Bill please click here. 

Current Vacancies

We do not currently have any vacancies. Please check back here for updated information on vacancies. If you would like to send a speculative application for future vacancies, please contact the Pre-School or drop in your CV.

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